The Lavender Shop @ Tihany, Hungary

The Lavender Shop @ Tihany, Hungary

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Let’s continue on some of the cool things I’ve seen in last trip to Europe a few months ago. When we were walking around Tihany, there is a really nice shop that sell items made or related to lavender. This place was just so pretty with the soft lavender colour.

lavendar shop

If you visit Tihany during the right season, you will see lots of lavender fields. The sea of purple is what many locals and visitors see during that season. As we were walking through the main strip, we saw this store with many gifts made with lavender like soap, bath soap, candles, food etc. We didn’t get anything from the store except for a magnet just incase we cannot bring some of the flower based items back to Sydney.

It was just a beautiful store. If you are in Tihany, make sure to visit the store enjoy the products offered in this store.

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