Quick Weekend Away to Avoca Beach with Travelgirl

Quick Weekend Away to Avoca Beach with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

I haven’t had any fast internet access therefore haven’t been as active as I wish this weekend. We had a quick getaway to Avoca Beach which is around 90 minutes from Sydney. The weather was perfect as its was not too hot or too cold leading towards winter. We booked an Airbnb and the house was less impressive as in the picture. It was in a bushy area which I didn’t mind but the interior of the house was a bit dusty and had cobwebs in every corner. Probably will have to give them a neutral feedback on the app.

We visited Avoca Beach were the kids had a dip, found a nice cafe and visited the monthly Avoca Beach markets which I will be sharing some blogs and vlogs on it.

Hope you all had a great weekend and another week of work coming up!


Thanks for reading



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