Small Thing That Makes Me Smile ….

Small Thing That Makes Me Smile ….

Hi Everyone,

After reading @catwomantersa’s post the other day about doing up her nails, I was thinking that I haven’t done anything to my nails for years. The reason why being is since having kids, I have been in the kitchen more often so I don’t want to risk of having any of my nail polish or bits and pieces in their food. If you have followed my past videos, you would of know that I have a lot of nail polish.

Last time in Japan, I bought some nail stickers so I thought I’ll start with something simple. So here I have a packet of nail stickers and top coat. After cleaning my nails, I stuck them on each nail and then put a coat of top coat on. Let’s see how long this will last. I am thinking probably 3-4 days max. What do you think?


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