Nice Stroll Around Maribor, Slovenia with Travelgirl

Nice Stroll Around Maribor, Slovenia with Travelgirl

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While on our way to the restaurant Ancora in Maribor, we had a quick walk around the city. This was our first time in Maribor and the city was not very big. Considering we were there on the weekend, most shops were closed except the bigger stores like H&M and some restaurants.

First impression was that the city looked very run down maybe because we parked on a street with two cars which was pretty banged up. Then walking into the streets, it doesn’t look too run down but not very modern like some of the European cities we’ve been to. Although it looks that way, we felt safe as there were many families out for lunch. There wasn’t really much to see on our map therefore we just had a quick lunch and went back to our Glamping location by the afternoon.

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