Let’s Visit Expo Cave Karst @ Slovenia with Travelgirl

Let’s Visit Expo Cave Karst @ Slovenia with Travelgirl

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During our visit to the Postojna Cave in Slovenia, we got to visit the Expo Cave Karst which consists of two exhibitions – Exhibition Life within a Billion Years & Exhibition Butterflies of the World. The ticket to the cave included these exhibitions so we took the opportunity to have a quick visit before our tour in the cave.

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First we visited the Butterfly of the World. The room were full of butterflies in different colours and sizes. It was such a beautiful room with all the different colours and patterns and it was interesting to see them in one room. There are posters with some explanations of each type and included some interesting facts. It wasn’t a big exhibition but it would be enough for someone to gauge a good understanding about butterflies.

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The Exhibition Life within a Billion Years was located on the second floor of the building. The moment we came out of the lift, there was sounds of the “past world” which took us by surprise. You could see different fossils and statues of life but some of them looked so real it was bit freaky. This room was not very big so it wouldn’t take too long to finish. It was a good place to visit just before our tour of the cave which we look forward to it very much.

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