Things People Spend Money On ….

Things People Spend Money On ….

Hi Everyone,

Just over the weekend, I encountered two things that really make me think why would anyone would want to spend money on certain things. Don’t get me wrong, I splurge on many things as well including bags and shoes (not so much shoes now) but everyone has their “hobby” or “must have”.

So let me show you the two things that WOWed me. First, I was doing the weekend shopping and every time I go past the fish store, I will definitely check out what is fresh and the prices so I can compare it with the ones in the supermarket. So I saw Tooth Fish which I know is expensive but is it really worth $129.99AUD? Call me silly but I will be happy with fish half that price.


Another thing was a friend sent me the below. A mint condition copy of the Super Mario Bros for $140K!! Like really? I actually have a copy somewhere at my mum’s house so maybe I should dig it up and see how much it’s worth. It’s not a mint copy but I’ll be happy to get half that price right?


Is there anything you like to splurge on? Tell me about it!

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  1. I’ve previously always splurged on my hair… however I haven’t got it done since August. This wasn’t intentional, I just didn’t have a whole lot of time over the holiday season, and well now, my hairdresser is on maternity leave! Forced savings I suppose. She sold me a relatively pricey toner that I can use at home that has kept me sane.

    1. oh depends how much you spend a visit because hairdressers can be expensive! I actually try to go and get less treatment there and buy hair masks and have them done at home myself which is fraction of the costs. But I’m sure you can’t wait for your hairdresser to come back from leave 🙂

      1. I’m currently only going every six months! It’s still a huge chunk of money for just that though. I’m fortunate that my hair is naturally flat and I don’t need to go for it to look healthy or to pay for masks. I have deep conditioner from my hairdresser also. So that helps.

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