Explore Some Projects on Fundition.io with Travelgirl

Explore Some Projects on Fundition.io with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

There are always great things on the Steem Blockchain and @Fundition is one of them. In the coming weeks, I will be showcasing some of the projects currently active on Fundition which you can consider supporting. There are many projects on Fundition so if you are not mentioned in my post doesn’t mean they are not great or doesn’t need attention, I will get to them slowly.


From Fundition’s latest [update post](https://steemit.com/fundition/@fundition/with-great-power-comes-great-responsibility-updated), they have mentioned:


Fundition has a vision of changing the world for a better future, thus projects that follow this vision have the most chances of receiving Fundition support.

Fundition is supporting different categories of projects :

– Innovation
– Charity
– Sustainability
– Education
– Art

I stress the point that you can support these projects in various ways – By an upvote, USD, donate Steem or SBD or a range of other cryptocurrencies.

Firstly, I would like to introduce the project submitted by @EcoDesigns. As many of my followers know, I love DIY and this project fits in what I am passionate about. This project is to focus on training women and girls in fashion design and recycling textile. The funds raised are to purchase additional sewing machines for this group. Many of us may think designing is just clothing but the group is also expanding their skills to make dolls, sanitary pads, pillows, mattresses, curtains etc. The possibilities are endless, as long as it requires textile and a sewing machine, it can be made.



@Steemgg has recently submitted a project to support iCare Edutainment which a non-profit organisation in Hong Kong helping children with Autism, ADHD and requires special educational needs. The fundraising project is to run an exhibition to give an opportunity for children who are under this program to showcase their own games at the exhibition. These kids have put in a lot of effort, used their creativity to make these games possible and we hope that many more people can appreciate their work through this exhibition.




The last project I’ll be mentioning today is one also helping young children. @schoolforsdg4 is a project to help children who cannot go to school due to financial difficulties. In addition to this, there is a weekly fruit and monthly lunch program to ensure the children are feed with a nice nutritious snack/lunch. Unfortunately, to provide food to many children isn’t cheap so we need people to support this project to ensure these kids can continue to have these provided to them. It is estimated that they need approx 930USD to continue the program for the next 6 months.



There are many more great projects on Fundition. Remember your actions can help change people’s lives. Don’t wait and start actioning!


*all pictures are taken from the Fundition website*

Thanks for reading



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