Free time and after hours at Steemfest with Travelgirl

Free time and after hours at Steemfest with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

In just a month to go, I will be in Krakow meeting Steemians from all around the world. So planning my trip out as I’m flying out to Europe in two weeks and my time in Krakow pretty much will be seeing who is free or what activities are happening over that period. From last year’s schedule, I know there will be some free time during the conference/week where we can go out, enjoy ourselves, go on day trips or just chill with everyone. I’m sure this time will be pretty similar so I’ve got a few things in mind.

free time

So we will be arriving at Krakow in the evening on the 5th so the 6th I’ll either spend it with the family and explore the city. We will be leaving on the 12th morning so straight after Steemfest finishes. My other half checked out some of the food online and we know we will get fat after this trip. So probably that day will be just eating, drinking and maybe do a bit of shopping for local stuff as we won’t have time afterwards.

IMG_1495 (1)

Let’s hope I can find some goodies through my shopping adventures like the one pictured

I’ve read a few Steemian’s plans and some are planning sleep and some are planning to have little sleep. At the moment, knowing that Krakow will be the second last leg of my trip, I am leaning on trying to get some sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be out but won’t be like getting home like 4am haha.

I’m so looking forward to bowling because I love it but my other half doesn’t so I don’t usually go with him in Sydney. I’m not sure why he doesn’t like it but it’s a great way to have fun, have a few drinks and laugh/cheer for each other!

As for Auschwitz, I am on the fence about it. Auschwitz is a sad place and I’m not sure how I would take it especially what people have told me and what I have read online. I can get very emotional sometimes so would I want to be in that state during that time? So I haven’t decided ….

So now I’ve thought about what has been planned on the schedule, there are a few things on my list I do want to try.

  • Visit a market or two (I love markets)
  • Find a nice cafe of some sort and enjoy some local food
  • Find some vintage stores to explore (love them!)
  • Visit a local supermarket (the best place to know what’s in season and maybe find some cool snacks to try)
  • I know I will be craving for Asian food by then as I would have been in Europe for 3 weeks at least so maybe try to find an Asian grocer that can offer me the salted fish like the one below?


I love exploring markets – Found these at a San Francisco market

I’m sure I’ll be adding onto the list close to the date.

So that’s it for now. If anyone knows any good vintage stores in Krakow, let me know because it will be good to get some recommendations.

Thanks for reading!


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