Fundition User Experience Survey + Steem Monsters Mini Giveaway

Fundition User Experience Survey + Steem Monsters Mini Giveaway

Hi Everyone,

@Fundition is a crowding funding excellent platform on the Steem blockchain. It has helped many charities, up and coming projects to work towards their goals. In order to improve what they currently have in place, they would like to do more for the platform and the users on @Fundition.


They are encouraging users to give them some feedback on their current work, good or bad, and hope through the survey can see improvements can be made. The form is extremely easy to complete and feel free to write down your thoughts. They want to hear everything from you! The survey will only take 5 minutes.–hFc51A

If you have a project in mind, need assistance with a charity, remember Fundition is here to help.

Previously, I have shared some projects in which I have been supporting which include Project Giving by the Sndbox summer camp, Swimming program by @surfermarly and most recently on @steemmonsters which was successfully funded via Kickstarter and Fundition where $10000 were funded via Fundition. It was a huge success! With all these projects being able to succeed and being supported, Fundition is there to help.

As you have taken time to read my post and I’m also a Steem Monsters user, I’ll use this opportunity to hold a small giveaway. 2 winners will be chosen randomly and I’ll send them a beta card each. All you need to do is the following:

  1. Follow Me @travelgirl
  2. Upvote this post
  3. Comment below with an active project you think you may be able to support on Fundition right now (support can be via upvotes – you don’t have to send any fiat or crypto to support via the Fundition website)
  4. The winners will be announced in 2 days

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