Let The Countdown Begin! Europe Here We Come!

Let The Countdown Begin! Europe Here We Come!

Hi Everyone,

The countdown is officially happening with less than 4 weeks to go before we fly off to Europe with going to Poland is our main reason for going on this trip. We are going to travel for 4 weeks in total so this trip is definitely for pleasure. But to make it pleasurable, loads of planning is required its also our family holiday (2nd one for the year). Let’s see what I have done so far to make this trip easier for everyone.


A beautiful autumn afternoon in Prague

We have booked a nice big wagon to drive around the counties we planned to visit. From our past experiences, big cities are great but the smaller towns or countrysides makes your trip even more memorable so hiring a car to get to these special places is necessary. Another thing to make things a bit more easier for us is to try to book Airbnb instead of staying in hotels as there will be more room to move around for the family, a kitchen to prepare meals for the kids and can stay where the locals live.

We only still have a rough plan to where we will be going, in fact, we have 3 rough plans and see which one will be better for us but of course, Krakow will be our major stop. I can’t wait to finally meet the friends I’ve made on Steemit and get to visit a place I’ve never been to before. The only thing I’m worried now I have is it gets too cold and will make sightseeing a bit harder cos I don’t like the cold (unless I go snowboarding!).

As time gets closer, you will see more of my planning and hopefully can share more of what’s to come.

Thanks for reading



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