Travelgirl’s Game Review – Progress with Trade Island

Hi Everyone,

It has been nearly a fortnight since my last update and a few things have progressed with the game I am currently playing called Trade Island. Let’s see what has changed since my last update.


Our visitors have finally left the island. It was very pretty stressful trying to maintain my normal upgrades, citizens and tasks on top of the guests it was too much for the machinery and times that I have. It felt like I have to log in every 20-30 minutes just to maximise everything I can potentially make with my resources to fulfill as many orders as possible. But let’s look at my island now since the guests have gone. I have also rearranged a bit of my island so it looks a bit neater.


These are my new quests. I have noticed that the requirement is getting harder and harder as the number of items has increased dramatically. Since my last update, I was on level 34, now after 2 weeks I’m at 37


Let’s have a look at the latest news – we didn’t get any rewards for reading it these two weeks


So this is all for my update this fortnight.

Thanks for reading



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