Travelgirl’s Giveaway! Steem Monsters on Kickstarters!

Travelgirl’s Giveaway! Steem Monsters on Kickstarters!

Hi Everyone,

Things are getting really exciting for Steem Monsters at the moment. This week they have started their crowdfunding on Kickstarter and only a few days in, they are approximately 90% funded towards the first goal! How exciting is that? If you are interested in supporting the project or want to be part of Steem Monsters and get a good deal, check out the link [here] for more details.



So leading up to the actual game to start later this month, let’s continue on with the Booster Pack giveaway! Feedback from my last two giveaways was some people got some gold cards and legendaries so I’m hoping this time round more people can accumulate some cool cards and get ready for the game in a few weeks time. I’ve been lucky to get 3 golds and but no legendaries yet so fingers crossed I will get one soon!



Just some of the gold cards available on the market

This time round, I have 30 booster packs in total to give away. 10 winners will be picked and will win 3 booster packs each.

How to participate? Here are the details:

  1. Follow Me @travelgirl
  2. Upvote this post
  3. Comment below and tell me something you know of Steem Monsters. If you are new to the game, check out the Kickstarter page [here] or their main page [here]
  4. The winners will be announced after 4 days via a video (That would be Saturday night Sydney time)

Good luck everyone!! special thanks to @steemmonsters for these packs


Thanks for reading



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