Get to Know Travelgirl – Three fun facts about me

Get to Know Travelgirl – Three fun facts about me

Hi Everyone,

I was thinking about which would be the top 3 facts I want people to know about me so I can up with the below. If you have been a follower of mine, you may know some of them already.

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I love Sanrio – in particular, Hello Kitty

I’m a loyal Hello Kitty fan. If you have joined any of my live streams, seen my videos or read my blogs, you will know I have a ton of Hello Kitty goods are home. I’ve been collecting them for a very long time and would go crazy every time I got to Japan. Why Hello Kitty? Probably it’s the metal box that my parents gave me as a present when I was young I just decided I love Hello Kitty.


I’m a Lego fan

This started only when I met my other half. I never appreciated Lego that much and we weren’t given many when we were young as it is pretty expensive especially in Australia. I never got to understand why people love Lego so much but after getting a set that I really love, I got into it straight away. I’ve always thought it was a guy’s hobby but I guess not, anyone from any age group can like/build Lego too.


My Favourite Holiday Destination

People have asked me numerous times and I would have to say its Japan. Since I’ve started working, I’ve been to Japan every single year (except the years I was pregnant or have just given birth). Why do I love it there? Because of the food, culture, the cleanliness, their and of course Hello Kitty. We love traveling around Japan’s countryside and avoid the city if we can. Driving around the countryside and spending the time with the local gives us a better travel experience. We tend to leave a few days in the main cities towards the end to meet friends and buy stuff we can’t get in the country.


So there you go. Hope you all know a little more about me and I look forward to seeing your comments so I can know a little more about you.

Thanks for reading



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