Results to Travelgirl’s Steemmonsters Booster Pack Giveaway!

Results to Travelgirl’s Steemmonsters Booster Pack Giveaway!

Hi Everyone,

Thank you everyone for joining my Steemmonsters booster pack giveaway. i was going to do a video to announce the winners for my giveaway but I’ve been sick these two days so changed it to a post instead.

There was a large number of people who have really great answers so it was hard to pick the winners but not to worry, there will be a new contest soon in the next day or two so keep checking back!

While I opened my packs last week, I actually got two gold cards so I hope I can pass on my luck to you and you can get something awesome!

Below are the winners. I will send the packs to the winners within 24 hours to your steemmonsters account. You can check the website for future details.









A new contest will happen soon so remember to follow me and keep up to date for a chance to win some Steemmonsters booster packs

Thanks for reading



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