Travelgirl’s Game Review – Progress with Trade Island

Travelgirl’s Game Review – Progress with Trade Island

Hi Everyone,

Another week have passed but I was only able to go up a level after a week of nonstop playing Trade Island. A few exciting things have changed and would want to give you all an update. As previously mentioned, the higher the level, the harder it will be to level up.


This week we have special guests that we need to look after on the island so we need to prepare some special dishes. Here are our tasks. The task can be challenging as you need to swap your produce with their goods so it does take some time to get it


I have completed the cave quest yesterday and will be going onto a new quest. Another thing to note is I have also finally upgraded the City Hall – it took forever to get it upgraded


The latest news is to look after our guest on the island.


There are a few things available for upgrade – the bridge to another side of the island and a paid pack which I am not interested in.


I wonder if I will get bored of the game soon. This is the next piece of land I need to buy.


Thanks for reading



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