Visiting Juliet Capulet Statue & Karlsplatz @ Munich, Germany

Visiting Juliet Capulet Statue & Karlsplatz @ Munich, Germany

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Today we will be visiting the Juliet Capulet Statue & Karlsplatz in Munich. These two locations are popular when you visit Munich as they are so easy to get to – literally right in the middle of town.

First, stop we go and visit the Juliet Capulet Statue. This is a statue was a gift from Italy from the 1970s where there is also another one at Verona. If you look at the pictures, you can see that one breast has been touched by tourists which are supposed to be mean it gives you good luck. I’m not sure if that is true but everyone that goes there will touch her breast and now it has gone to a bronze colour.  We all had a touch but my friend stood there for longer hoping she has better luck than everyone else. The statue is easy to find, just right near the City Hall at Marienplatz.

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The 5 minute walk you will see yourself at Karlsplatz where you will see the massive fountain right in the middle of the square. In summer, this fountain gets really popular. It is also a popular meeting place for many people as we have seen during our visit. Around the huge fountain, there are many stores and eateries. In warmer months while we were there, you can see many people would just hang around and enjoy a coffee. In winter months, we were told that there will be an ice rink set up so people can enjoy the winter weather outdoors. Underneath there is an underground shopping center where most people like myself would be as it spans over to Marienplatz as well which I will show you in another blog.

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We were going to the Oktoberfest that afternoon so my friends were all dressed up


Both the statue and Karlsplatz is close by from Munich train station so put on your comfy shoes and enjoy the day out in the city center. Another note is Karlsplatz can sometimes get very busy so be sure you look after your belongings and stay safe. Here we are off to the next destination.

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