Let’s Watch with Travelgirl #1 -The Package 더 패키지 (Korean Drama)

Let’s Watch with Travelgirl #1 -The Package 더 패키지 (Korean Drama)

Hi Everyone,

This will be a new series I will be sharing with you all. I may be sharing movies or drama I’ve seen in particular from Hong Kong, Japan and Korea as my time normally is split between these regions, Many of you know I watch Korean drama so today, I wanted to share with you one I finished recently. The drama I want to share with you is called “ The Package”. Two reasons why I wanted to watch this – one is because its theme is about travel with a group of Korean people visiting France for a holiday and the other reason is my favourite Korean singer, Jung Yong Hwa from the band CN Blue is the lead actor of the series (ok its the main reason I want to watch it haha).


In this drama, the cast travels to France and visit many places with the main storyline set at Paris, Saint-Malo & Mont Saint-Michel. The scenery throughout the whole series was stunning and at the same time, you do get an overview of the places they visit.


The storyline involves the couples in the tour and they all have their own reason of going to the trip. Some of the stories were unexpected, some would make you cry, some just makes you laugh.





The music used in this series just like all Korean drama is so touching and all ‘lovey dovey’.

The Package has 12 episodes and are 60 minutes long like most Korean drama. If you love traveling and just want to watch a nice love storyline, this is the series for you.

Thanks for reading


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