Travelgirl’s Game Review – Progress with Trade Island

Travelgirl’s Game Review – Progress with Trade Island

Hi Everyone,

Another 2 weeks have past and I am still playing Trade Island. The last update I was on level 30 and as I mentioned, the higher level it gets, the harder to level up. 2 weeks later, I am on level 33. So what has changed from a fortnight? Let’s take a look.

I bought extra land! Yay! I need to build up my city and also make more room to expand my businesses so that is a must. Check out the area I have now.


Another new addition to this which I am very excited about is the new Ferris wheel. It took forever to earn all the tools and funds need to open it up and now, it is operating nicely bringing in a solid income for my city. Don’t forget that it does look fabulous seeing it shine all the time.


I have also opened up a new cave with a new quest. Apparently, this cave brings in a lot of gold but as of now, I haven’t seen any. Let’s hope I can get something decent out of it.


A new feature has been added to the game which is the “news” update tab. Once in a while, they provide you with the latest of the game and you will be rewarded for reading the news.


More treasure chests daily to be opened which I love. The other thing that I am working hard on is expanding my warehouse capacity. Why is that? It is because you want to reserve more and when the resources are needed, you will have it instantly and don’t need to wait for them to be made or found.

IMG_7891IMG_7893 2

Lastly, I about to upgrade Town Hall as the population of the city is growing every day. It will take over a day to upgrade but by then, I will be able to see more characters for the game.


Trade Island seems to be better and better as I play each day. Can’t wait to give you all my next update and by then I’m hoping to finish a few quests and be a few more levels higher than this week.

Thanks for reading



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