The Olympiapark München @ Munich, Germany

The Olympiapark München @ Munich, Germany

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Today I would like to take you to The Olympiapark München in Munich, Germany. Munich was one of the major hubs during our Europe trip as we knew someone there so we can leave a lot of our bulkier luggage there to avoid taking too much to neighbouring countries. Where we stayed was very close to The Olympiapark München so we decided to take some time out to visit the park.

Let’s have a look at the surroundings of our friend’s place. These apartments were very modern and the neighbourhood was very quiet. During the weekday there were hardly any cars. In fact, it just looked like the streets in Sydney. On the way to the park, we can already see the Olympic Tower. What a great day to be out!

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As we were walking in the park, we can already see people relaxing, enjoying the sun. As some of the park was elevated, many people will find a nice spot and enjoy the views. As we were on holidays, we took our time and moved from one spot to the other. This side is the view of Munich city.

IMG_7400IMG_7408 (1)IMG_7525IMG_7438IMG_7439IMG_7444IMG_7447

We then moved to the more popular side which can be seen on my their website and travel guides. Here facing the pond, you can see the Olympic stadium where it is a popular place to see shows and certain games. You can also see the Olympic Tower where you can see the whole of Munich and if it is winter, you can sometimes see the Alps if the weather is clear enough.


There are also many activities you can participate like the flying fox, visit Sea Life (similar to the one in Sydney) and the Park Railway which is more catered for families or people who prefer not to walk around the park. You can also take guided tours to get a better explanation of the area.


It is best to check out the website before you visit as there can be other new activities available. Or you can be like us and many others, just take a few hours out and enjoy the quietness around you. Lie on the grass, take some photos and enjoy the sun.


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