Kastellet & St. Alban’s Church @ Copenhagen, Denmark

Kastellet & St. Alban’s Church @ Copenhagen, Denmark

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Today we will be visiting Kastellet at Copenhagen, Denmark. Kastellet is the most well-preserved star fortress in Northern Europe.  I’ve never been to a star fortress before and it was a must visit for our few days in Denmark. As we walked around the fortress, you can see a few sites including St. Alban’s Church.

As you may have noticed from the below picture, we arrived just before 4pm in the afternoon and the fortress was about to close. Massive fail with our planning as we took too long looking at things along the way and the sun was setting. As we were in Denmark in late autumn, the weather was cold, the sun sets earlier and many attractions close earlier. So if you are traveling to Denmark, do keep this in mind when planning as it’s not fun trying to cram as many sites as possible in a few days. In the summer months, attractions open later which gives visitors more time to visit each destination.


The fortress apart from the star-shaped, it was like many fortresses we have seen previously. I was eager to see St. Alban’s Church so we made sure we get to see it from the outside even though it was closed. St. Alban’s Church is known as the English Church and the reason why I wanted to see it was it reminds me of a Lego castle. I love Lego as many of you know so it was good to see it from afar.


As we walked around, we can see different scenery on the other side of the river. We also saw this really cute bird with nice shiny feathers. I rarely take photos of birds but this one really caught my attention.

IMG_0682IMG_0681IMG_0680 (1)IMG_0677IMG_0667

It’s getting dark so its time to go home.


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