Visiting Church of Our Saviour @ Copenhagen, Denmark

Visiting Church of Our Saviour @ Copenhagen, Denmark

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Today I would like to take you to Church of Our Saviour at Copenhagen, Denmark. It is famous for its external staircase that goes up to the top giving tourists a magnificent view of the city.


The day we visited we couldn’t go inside to see the church but we were able to proceed to the top of the tower. First, you go up the stairs internally and can see a bit of the outside as we were going up. There were a bit of stairs to climb so be prepared.


Once we go to the top, we were great with some magnificent views of Copenhagen.


It does get a bit crowded for people go get to the very top. To be honest, I was a bit scared as we were climbing towards the tip. You can feel the wind blowing onto your face with the combination of looking down and only having the staircase as your protection barrier, my legs were getting a bit wobbly.  This was the top of the tower.


Copenhagen was a city I remembered with many windmills as the train was entering the city. You can see them from the tower.


This destination I wouldn’t recommend if you had kids with you as it does get a bit freaky (maybe I’m scared of heights) but the climb up the stairs was not easy. But I would definitely suggest visiting the tower as you do get some stunning views of the city.


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