Awesome Korean Meal at Potzi @ Chatswood, Australia

Awesome Korean Meal at Potzi @ Chatswood, Australia

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Last week I took you to a Korean restaurant but the quality was average so we went hunting for another one and this time we have hit the jackpot! We found another restaurant at Chatswood in Sydney, Australia and it was so impressive we went back twice. The restaurant was not very big and is across from a Chatswood Chase, a popular shopping centre.

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Let’s have a look at their menu. It was simple but with plenty of choices.

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The side dishes they gave us. Average in my opinion.

IMG_6381 (1)

We ended up ordering half a serve of fried chicken, oxtail soup, pollock soup and a seafood noodle.

IMG_6383IMG_6385IMG_6387IMG_6386IMG_6380 (1)

The fried chicken came out really fresh (it was unreal!) and the rest of the dishes we really good. The thing I need to point out is I feel there weren’t that many noodles in the seafood noodles. It was so good we ended up going there again a couple of days later. If you want to try some good Korean food and don’t want to travel too far to the city or to “Korean town”, then you definitely need to visit Potzi.

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