A Fun Day Out at Disney Sea @ Tokyo, Japan (Part 2)

A Fun Day Out at Disney Sea @ Tokyo, Japan (Part 2)

Hi Everyone,

Let’s continue our day out to Disney Sea @ Tokyo, Japan. After taking a photo with Mickey Mouse yesterday, we continued on to visit the rest of the park.

The first thing we noticed was the number of people visiting on a weekday! Check it below! It’s seriously packed with people. Imagine what you will face if you visit during the weekend.


We started checking out the stores and found some cool things to buy. I was also busy snapping away on my phone and taking videos of things I see. The view here was actually really nice!

IMG_1716IMG_0383 copyIMG_3747IMG_4413IMG_5816 2

IMG_9629 2

There were also many minibusses around as well as a monorail which we decided not to get on because we had a stroller.


As our kids were quite young, we can’t go on many rides but we did find something that was suitable for Baby E and he was really interested. As we were heading towards the rides, we saw the cutest Find Nemo popcorn “bag” – we just had to get it. And you might have guessed which ride we were heading towards – The Nemo Ride!

IMG_3089 2IMG_0536 (1)IMG_7368IMG_7122 copy

The line to Nemo was super long and it was estimated to take 45mins before we can go in but we still lined up for it. Baby M was too young for the ride so Daddy E pushed him around to other parts of the park. The ride was only 5 minutes long but it was really exciting and I wouldn’t mind going on it again but the line was too long to queue for it.

IMG_7891 2IMG_2614IMG_5018IMG_0196IMG_4966

Just right outside of the Nemo ride, you can find a restaurant just above and the Nemo souvenir store.


Tomorrow, I’ll take you to have lunch at one of the Disney themed restaurants.


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