Korakuen & Surroundings @ Japan

Korakuen & Surroundings @ Japan

Hi Everyone,

Today I’ll take you around Korakuen in Japan. We were actually on our way to an indoor play center and realised there was a lot to see along the way. We were staying in Ikebukuro so we took the train to Korakuen station on the Marunouchi Line and walk over so that way I didn’t have change train lines.

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The area was not very pram friendly but luckily I saw a mum with her child so I asked her where the lift was. I’m so glad I asked her as the lift was very well hidden, only the locals would have known this secret lift. Once we found the lift, the first thing we saw was the dome and the roller coaster on the left ground through LaQua. We’ve driven past the roller coaster many times in the past but it was my first time I’ve been so close to it.

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Here is a map of Tokyo Dome and its surroundings which was only a few minutes walk from Korakuen station.


There were some Ultraman promotion while we were there


We went on a weekday so there were virtually no one around the shops and open area. It was all nicely decorated for Christmas.


In my next blog, I will take you to one of the best play centers we have been to.



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