Japan Air Self-Defense Force @ Hamamatsu, Japan (Part 2)

Japan Air Self-Defense Force @ Hamamatsu, Japan (Part 2)

Hi Everyone,

Today I’ll continue to take you around Japan Air Self Defence Force Museum – this time the other side of the museum which is also the side we didn’t expect. When we walked in, we were amazed to see so many plans in front of us. Then we saw on our left a small area where you can hire some pilot clothes and take photos with the planes.

We asked for the pricing and they said it was free! Everything was so nicely organised so the boys decided to transform themselves to pilots and take some photos around the museum. They had everything from overall uniforms, boots, hats etc

IMG_1841IMG_6767IMG_8053 2

There were planes in all sorts of colours, sizes and shapes. I’m not a fan of planes but the colour display was pretty awesome.


You can also hop inside a plan and take pictures on a few of the aircraft. For the adults, you can actually go on the plane where you can get a real pilot experience and operate a virtual plane.


There are also many things to see on this side of the museum so do have your cameras ready when you visit.


Just as you leave the museum, be sure to check out the souvenir store as they have some really cool old school toys for sale.


Japan Air Self-Defence Force Museum


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