Rilakkuma Sabo @ Arashiyama, Japan (Part 2)

Rilakkuma Sabo @ Arashiyama, Japan (Part 2)

Hi Everyone,

In my last blog, I have taken you to the gift side of the Rilakkuma Sabo store at Arashiyama, Japan. Today, I will take you to the food side of the store.

First of all, you will always see a crowd outside the store. The reason why is everyone is there ordering or waiting for their ice cream and we are one of them. Look how cool it looks! Even though we went there during winter, we had to get an ice cream. yummmoooooo

IMG_5332 2

Inside the store, you can get many pre-packaged foods and they all look so nice! There are a lot of sweets and biscuits for people to buy for souvenirs.


There are also a range of honey and sauces but were too heavy to buy to take home.


Also, something to take note is there is a place where you can stamp your guide where you can collect different stamps in the area.


At the back of the store, there is a small area for people to enjoy their desserts of ice cream. It is nicely decorated and the area looked really peaceful for such a busy store.


If you decide not to buy anything from the store, do try their desserts as not only it was really delicious, it was also nicely delivered to us which was great for photos to share with friends and family.


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