Kunugi Restaurant @ Uji, Japan

Kunugi Restaurant @ Uji, Japan

Hi Everyone,

As mentioned previously, we visited Uji twice when we were in Japan so today will take you to another restaurant we went to for lunch.  Is at the outskirts of Uji so it was less crowded and has a nice view beside the river.

Kunugi Restaurant @ Uji, Japan.jpg


Surprisingly when we arrived, the restaurant was pretty full as I guess people really wanted to enjoy the nice view but we were able to get a table inside. The servers at the restaurant didn’t understand a lot of English they had an English menu and clear pictures which made ordering a breeze

IMG_0690IMG_1947IMG_6268 2

Here were our meals! They were all nicely laid out for us. As the weather was very cold outside, they left us a large pot of tea as well.


The decorations in the restaurant were really pretty!


Here was the view of the river from the restaurant.

IMG_4392IMG_4523IMG_2052IMG_3815IMG_7230 2

This was definitely a nice stop if you wanted to have a nice meal or rest for a cup of tea/ eat a dessert.



AddressJapan, Kyoto Prefecture, Uji, Mataburi−66-4

Phone+81 774-22-7140


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