Ujigami Shrine @ Japan

Ujigami Shrine @ Japan

Hi Steemians

Today I will be taking you to Ujigami Shrine, not far from Uji Shrine which I have shared the article recently. Ujigami Shrine is registered as UNESCO Hertiage site and is one of the most visited Shrine in Uji.

Ujigami Shrine

When we arrived, there were very little people so it was a nice and peaceful visit.


Before we went it, there was already a large tori gate with words stating this is a UNESCO Heritage site.

IMG_4592 copy.jpg


There were many flowers and trees around Ujigami Shrine which gives visitors a very nice peaceful atmosphere.



During this visit, my little one really loved putting money in these Saisen boxes (賽銭箱). He thinks that every time he makes a wish, it will always come true.


If you are near Uji, do make a visit to Ujigami Shrine.



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