Uji Shrine & Surroundings @ Japan

Uji Shrine & Surroundings @ Japan

Hi Everyone,

Today I will be taking you to Uji Shrine (lower shrine) & the outskirts of Uji. The shrine approximately 10-15 minutes walk from Byodoin Temple where you can walk across the bridge to the opposite side of the town. It is one of the main destinations if you are around Uji apart from Byodoin & the shopping strip. We visited Uji twice during our stay and would recommend that for anyone who doesn’t want to rush during their travels.

uji shrine

Just before we go in to see the shrine, there are some things you can look out for. Along the side of the road, there are many signs and maps for tourists. It gives you a detailed description of the area or a story of the location.


You may notice this side of town is a lot quieter than the main section. It was very pleasant to walk around with the autumn leaves surrounding us (even though it was already end of the year when we visited).


It is recommended you should wear some comfortable shoes as there would be alot of walking and the ground is full of cobble stones. Here we are!

IMG_5488IMG_2799 2


If you look around, the ground has many interesting drain caps just like the rest of Japan.


We really enjoyed the visit. Next stop, I will be taking you to Ujigami Shrine which is not far from Uji Shrine.



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