Local Fijian Dish – Kokoda (raw fish salad)

Hi Everyone!

I’m currently in Fiji which is my second visit but what I really loved from my first visit was a local dish called Kokoda. It is a raw fish salad with coconut juice, onions, tomatoes and other veggies. This time, I made sure to have it more often as I haven’t seen it around Sydney at all.


There is no set fish and is just decided on what it will be depending on what is caught locally (usually mahi-mahi or snappers at the resorts sashimi/raw grade). I love the balance of the fish, veggies and coconut juice!

Although it is considered raw, it is actually marinated in citrus juice for a few hours so the flavour of limes and lemon will be soaked into the fish.

If you ever visit Fiji, do order one of these as an entree! If you are a sashimi fan like I am, you should like this dish as well!



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